Review: Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas (Throne of Glass, #2)


“Is that…chocolate cake?”

“I thought you might need some.”

“Need, not want?”

A ghost of a smile was on her lips, and he almost sagged in relief as he said, “For you, I’d say that chocolate cake is most definitely a need.”

Click here for a Crown of Midnight inspired chocolate cake recipe.

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The Story:

At the cost of nearly her life, Celaena has won the title of champion. Now she’s her enemy’s assassin, dispatched to remove the King of Adarlan’s dissenters. She’s living luxuriously off her blood money in the glass castle, but her friend Nehemia won’t allow her to enjoy these comforts, and neither will Celaena’s conscience. It’s time for Celaena to decide whose side she’s truly on and her reluctance to choose will come at a price.

My take (with spoilers!):

As we continue to get bit by bit of Celaena’s story and background, Crown of Midnight is a trial for her and by the end she’s truly broken. Celaena struggles from understandable trust issues as the friends she’s allowed into her heart are stripped away, first Nehemia, then Chaol, and finally Dorian – if anything just because of distance.

Did you feel her anger toward Chaol was justified? I’m disappointed that Chaol didn’t tell Celaena about the King’s plans, but was also disappointed that Celaena was so quick to believe Archer without speaking with Chaol and giving him a chance to explain his actions.

I’m dying to know where Celaena will go from here. How will she recover from the tragedies she’s endured? Will she take up her crown as Queen of Terassen? What will happen with Chaol? Poor Chaol.

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