Hello, my name is Rebecca and I’m a book addict.

Acceptance is the first step of recovery, though I have no intention of reforming. In fact, I’m only enabling it. Dear reader, you are now an enabler.

What’s this blog all about? 

This is a space to explore the worlds, characters, loves, frustrations…and culinary possibilities of my favorite YA novels from childhood classics to the latest “blockbuster.”

5 things about me: 

1. My husband Brice and I met in college when we were in Victorian Literature and Literary Theory together. Many study sessions later, we got married (2012). He’s working on his PhD in English Literature (Renaissance period, to be exact). There’s a lot of books between the two of us.

2. In addition to reading, we love traveling. Since getting married we’ve traveled to Maine, New York City (twice), Washington, D.C. (twice), Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, South Carolina, Florida, Michigan, Utah, and, oh yeah, from one end of the country to another for graduate school. International travel (eh-hem, London) will soon be on that list!


3. I’m a registered yoga teacher, thus the pretzel pose above. Arm balances are my jam.

4. My cardinal rule: take a book wherever you go. Even it’s a 4th of July concert. It’s always the one time you leave it behind that you regret it the most.


5. I’ve taken up creative writing. It’s terrifying.

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