Review: Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare (The Dark Artifices, #1)



“All right, enough,” said Jules. “We’re taking a break from killings and profiles for dinner.” He took the boxes from Emma, shooting her a grateful look, and set them down on the coffee table. “I don’t care what you all want to talk about, it just can’t involve murder or blood. Any blood.”

“But it’s vampire pizza,” Livvy pointed out.

“Immaterial,” Julian said. “Couch. Now.”

For a pizza + sauce recipe that will have you raving over how it could possibly be so good, click here.

4/5 stars

The Story: 

Lady Midnight picks up five years after the Dark War, during which  Julian Blackthorn and Emma Carstairs’s lives were turned upside down. Without spoiling The Mortal Instruments for those who haven’t read or finished the series yet, Emma and Julian are two seventeen year-old Shadowhunters with an inordinate amount of responsibility as they work to keep Los Angeles safe from demons, as well as to raise the four younger Blackthorn siblings.

While the story stands apart from The Mortal Instruments, I wouldn’t recommend reading this series without reading TMI. There’s a lot of references to Clary and the gang that would be confusing and spoil the previous series.

My Loves: 

  1. The setting. Cassandra Clare captured a New York City lifestyle in TMI and I loved seeing how she adapted the Shadowhunter lifestyle to California with simple elements like cars. Can you imagine Jace driving a car? It just doesn’t jive. Clare’s descriptions pulled me into the world and by the end, I was salivating for a California vaca.
  2. Julian. So often the YA lit love interest is the bad boy. Case in point — Jace. Julian, however, is a responsible adult. He’s gentle, generous, and loving as he sacrifices personal comforts to raise his younger siblings. He was an intriguing character and a welcome relief from the stereotype.


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